The Book of Enoch, Fallen Angels, & Ancient Aliens: Dr. Michael Heiser Interview



By Steven Bancarz| I recently sat down with Bible scholar, distance education professor, and best-selling author Dr. Michael Heiser to discuss the Book of Enoch, fallen angels, Nephilim, Ancient Aliens, abductions, and other fringe-type topics.  The purpose of this conversation is not to glamorize these subjects, but to simply demonstrate that Christians can have thoughtful, viable responses to topics that often get attached to New Age spirituality.  The Bible is not silent on these issues.

One of the points brought up by Dr. Heiser (who wrote the foreword for my forthcoming book, The Second Coming of the New Age) is that the Book of Enoch does not have to be “inspired” in order for us to learn something from it.  While it is not the word of God, it does give us a glimpse into the way first century Jews would have thought about the fall of man and purpose of the atonement.

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