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Thursday, October 29, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Need Church In Your Life

By Craig McKibbon| We are currently seeing a world shaken on so many levels because of one choice between two people. The presidential election.  A...

Some Ancient Historians Didn’t Mention Jesus: Proof He Didn’t Exist?

By James Bishop| Jesus mythicists are often guilty of arguing from silence when they attempt to bring doubt to the historical existence...

Roman Historian Thallus Mentions Darkness During Jesus’ Crucifixion

By Erik Manning| Skeptics tell us that one of the reasons we can’t trust the Gospels is because they make so many historical gaffes....

Evil Committed In The Name of God Vs Atheism

By Mikel Del Rosario| I recently saw an animated short created by an atheist on YouTube. In this video, a bunch of theists were trying...

Atheist Professor Becomes Christian After Seeing Jesus During NDE

By James Bishop| Now retired, though still currently a pastor, Howard Storm was the former Professor and chairman of the Art Department at the...

Atheism Was An “Error”: English Professor & Atheist Mark Bauerlein Converts to Christianity

By James Bishop| Mark Bauerlein is an English professor at Emory University, Atlanta, USA, and is the senior editor of First Things journal (1)....

Communist Leader & Mass Murderer Becomes Born Again Christian

By James Bishop| Comrade Duch (pronounced “Doik”), whose real name is Kaing Guek Eav, is the only Khmer Rouge leader to have admitted his...

Evidence For Resurrection Leads Distinguished Philosopher & Atheist John Montgomery To Faith

By James Bishop| John Montgomery, 85, is the Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University, Wisconsin, and continues to work as a barrister...

From New Age Blogger To Christian: When I Encountered Jesus

By Steven Bancarz| As some readers may know, I used to be a New Age blogger with a website called "Spirit Science and Metaphysics."...