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Was Jesus A Buddhist Monk? BBC Documentary Debunked

By Gerald Readore| Here is a link is to an article from a website titled “Enlightened-Consciousness.com” and...

Entire New Age Jewish Family Gets Radically Saved By Jesus

By Steven Bancarz| I recently sat down with a Jewish man named Jeff Morgan. He is an...

Children Are Predisposed To Believe In God, Oxford Study Concludes

By James Bishop| A study on the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and philosophy from  57 academics in 20 countries around the world suggests that...

Blogger phổ biến vô thần, Leah Libresco, chuyển đổi sang Thiên Chúa giáo

By James Bishop| Leah Libresco is a writer and school systems analyst based in Washington D.C. She is also a writer for the Huffington...

"Debunking Kitô giáo" nhà văn trở thành Kitô hữu vì bằng chứng

By James Bishop| This is the testimony of former atheist Darrin Rasberry. He used to write for John Loftus’ blog site Debunking Christianity, and...

Nhớ tiến sĩ Nabeel Qureshi

By Brian Chilton| The Christian community lost a wonderful man of God this past month, September 16, 2017. Nabeel Qureshi entered his eternal home...

From New Age Blogger To Christian: When I Encountered Jesus

By Steven Bancarz| As some readers may know, I used to be a New Age blogger with a website called "Spirit Science and Metaphysics."...

Bằng chứng cho Resurrection Leads Atheist giảng viên Writer để Chúa Kitô

Philip Vander Elst, a former atheist, is a freelance writer and lecturer. He graduated from Oxford in 1973 with a degree in politics and...
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