The Extra-Dimensional Properties Of UFOs


By Josh Peck| How can something appear to be made of solid material, yet behave as if it is more of a liquid? It is a phenomenon that has been reported, documented, and discussed for some time now in regards to the strange, seemingly impossible feats certain UFOs are able to achieve. Of course, the amount of videos found on websites like YouTube is vast and sorting through them can be a strenuous feat in itself.

While I maintain that with enough time and effort, any one of those videos could be faked, I still believe there is a level of truth to this phenomenon. It is difficult to ignore the many reports and documented cases of UFOs that appear solid yet seem to be able to morph. So what are we dealing with here? This is one of the many questions I seek to answer in my book Quantum Creation.

Understanding the fourth dimension:

What we will be getting into requires a basic understanding of what is called the fourth spatial dimension. One of the best ways I have heard this explained is by use of lower-dimensional examples. I like to refer to a work of fiction called Flatland by E.A. Abbott written in 1884.

In Flatland, the main character, named A. Square, tells us of his experience as a two-dimensional square who later encounters the third spatial dimension. He begins his story by first explaining what his reality would look like from our three-dimensional perspective. To quote A. Square in Flatland:

“Nothing was visible, nor could be visible, to us, except straight Lines; and the necessity of this I will speedily demonstrate. Place a penny on the middle of one of your tables in Space; and leaning over it, look down upon it. It will appear a circle. But now, drawing back to the edge of the table, gradually lower your eye (thus bringing yourself more and more into the condition of the inhabitants of Flatland),

and you will find the penny becoming more and more oval to your view; and at last when you have placed your eye exactly on the edge of the table (so that you are, as it were, actually a Flatland citizen) the penny will then have ceased to appear oval at all, and will have become, so far as you can see, a straight line.”

Since Flatland would only consist of the x and y axes, there would be no up or down. There would only be side to side and front to back. Because of this, the perspective of Flatlanders would be considerably different from our own. Any shape they would be looking at would appear to them as a line.

Imagine if you were able to breach Flatland as a three-dimensional being. Let’s say you were able to stick your finger through their two-dimensional space. How would that look to the Flatlanders? They would see a very small line segment appear out of nowhere.

As your finger passes through the two-dimensional plane, they would see the line segment grow in size. When you take your finger out again, they would see the line segment shrink in size then disappear again, seeming to vanish in thin air.

If you really wanted to give the Flatlanders something to talk about, you could stick your whole hand through their two-dimensional space. They would first see a small line segment appear as the tip of your middle finger breaches the two-dimensional plane. Next, your index and ring fingers would break through.

The Flatlanders would see two more segments appear at either side of the first one as the first one grows in size. Then, as your pinky and thumb break through, they would see two more segments appear. What they see next would be truly surprising. As the rest of your hand goes through, they would see all five segments combine into one large segment.

Then, as your wrist went through, they would see the large segment shrink in size. When you pull your hand out, they would see the entire spectacle again, only this time in reverse, until all of the segments disappear completely. We can use the example of Flatland to help understand what a four-dimensional interaction would look like in our three-dimensional world.

If a four-dimensional sphere (often referred to as a “hypersphere”) were to move through our three spatial dimensions, we would only be able to perceive it through our three-dimensional eyes.

We would see a very tiny sphere suddenly appear as it breaches our dimension. We would see the sphere grow in size as it moves through our dimension, shrink in size as it moves out, and then disappear completely.

Why UFOs are most likely interdimensional

This brings us back to the extradimensional nature of UFOs. Let’s say, for sake of argument, that we want to convince a person that these morphing UFOs are actually spiritual in nature and not merely physical. We might first pose the question, what is the spirit world?

As I postulate in Quantum Creation, I believe the spirit world described in the Bible, at least the part of it that coincides and sometimes bleeds into our own, is actually the fourth spatial dimension talked about in modern physics. If we wanted to convince a person, or at least give evidence, that these morphing UFOs are spiritual, or extradimensional, in nature, we can use scientific language with a little bit of common sense to get the message across.

Before getting to heavy in showing how to go about doing that, we should define a few terms. Probably everyone reading this is at least familiar with the terms “extraterrestrial” and “interplanetary”. But just to be safe, we should look at the dictionary definition of each. From


adjective: outside, or originating outside, the limits of the earth.

noun: an extraterrestrial being: a science fiction novel about extraterrestrials conquering the earth.


adjective: being or occurring between the planets or between a planet and the sun.

For our purposes here and to make things simple, we can recognize the prefix “extra” signifies where something is from whereas the prefix “inter” signifies capabilities. For example, an extraterrestrial being can also be interplanetary if it originates from a different planet than Earth (extraterrestrial) and also has the capability to inhabit other planets (interplanetary).

Understanding this, we can throw in a couple more terms that will make the rest of this post easier to understand. First is the term “extradimensional”, which would refer to something that originates from a different spatial dimension than the three we currently occupy. Next is “interdimensional”, which refers to something that has the capability to travel to other dimensions outside its own.

The majority consensus concerning UFOs and the beings that pilot them is, if they exist at all, they are most likely ETs (extraterrestrials) with interplanetary capabilities. What we want to be able to do is show that UFOs and their pilots are actually EDs (extradimensionals). If we can show that, we can build a stronger case toward the idea that these beings are more likely fallen angels rather than ETs. There are a couple different ways to go about this.

The light barrier

The easiest way is by explaining the barrier of the speed of light. For example, the majority will find it easier to assume that supposed ETs would most likely originate from a different star system rather than our own solar system. If this assumption were true, the ETs would still have to abide by the cosmic speed limit put forth by Einstein. They should not be able to travel faster than light.

This being the case, if ETs are from many light years away, they would have to travel immense speeds for impossible lengths of time to get here. The energy for this would be astronomical and, even then, the trip could take hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years. After explaining this, a little common sense can be implemented: it would seem if they were willing to spend that much time and energy in getting here, they would want to do more than secretly abduct people, flash bright lights at night, and steal our cows. This is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek response, but if done with care and not sarcasm, it can actually go a long way.

Almost always the very next thing that will come up is the idea of wormholes. The person defending the position of ETs is sure to state that if ETs are as technologically advanced as most people believe, they should have been able to find a way to bend space so the trip will not be as long. This is a commonly-held belief within the UFO community to explain how ETs can seem to arrive to our planet whenever they want.

Problems with interplantery travel

Of course, there are problems with this idea as well. First, for ETs to bend space in that manner, they would need to traverse an extra dimension. This would mean they have interdimensional capabilities. They can still be considered as ETs if they originate from our three-dimensional universe, but we have to consider which is more likely.

Is it easier to believe that ETs are so technologically advanced that they can pierce through a higher dimension and yet still want to bother with us? Or, is it easier to believe that these beings are actually from a higher dimension and travelling here would not be as much of a problem?

Again, consider Flatland. If Flatlanders were actually real, we could be staring directly at one, mere millimeters from him and, as long as we are outside of his two-dimensional field of vision, he would never know it. Also, travel to the second dimension would require no technology whatsoever, as we could just stick our hand in to invade their space or physically pull the Flatlander out into ours.

Does this mean creating a wormhole or using a natural black hole to travel vast distances is impossible? It really all depends. With our current level of technology, it is impossible. Even with theoretically advanced technology, it is incredibly improbable. To quote Michio Kaku from his book Hyperspace:

“However, with the wormhole and multiply connected spaces, we are probing the very limits of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. In fact, the amount of matter-energy necessary to create a wormhole or dimensional gateway is so large that we expect quantum effects to dominate. Quantum corrections, in turn, may actually close the opening of the wormhole, making travel through the gateway impossible”

Many times, a person defending the ET position will want to use percentages and probabilities in their approach. I’m sure we are all familiar with the “there are so many stars in the universe, it’s next to impossible that not one has a planet with life” argument.

When this comes up, we must remember that we aren’t debating the existence of life in the universe; we are trying to show the UFO phenomena is caused by EDs rather than ETs. Keeping that in mind as well as the high improbability of wormholes, we can use the same tactic to show our point.

We just have to ask, what is more likely? Does it seem probable that physical beings have been able to harness such immense energy, found a way to get around Einstein’s theory completely, or can somehow survive the crushing force found within black hole-like conditions?

Or, is it a more probable and simpler explanation that these beings are EDs, meaning none of these limitations would apply to them because they originate from a place of different physics than our own?

A person cannot have it both ways; either they have to admit the probability of what you propose is much higher or they have to admit probabilities shouldn’t factor in at all, thereby destroying their own argument. Either way, you are one step closer to opening this individual up to the truth.

The last thing I will bring up here is the technology aspect because it comes up quite often. It seems most individuals supporting the ET position will accept the notion that ETs possess near god-like technological capabilities that can get them out of any physical limitation. There is evidence to the contrary, however, showing these entities might not be as technologically advanced as they claim.

Reasons why they aren’t extraterrestrial

In a paper published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, UFO researcher Jacques Vallee gave a few reasons why he believes UFOs are not extraterrestrial in origin. In writing this, Jacques Vallee was coming from a secular worldview. He was not proposing anything from a Christian perspective. Vallee drew his conclusions based on the evidence he collected from various witnesses and other sources. He did not have what some would call a “Christian agenda”.

The entire paper is fascinating and pretty spectacular given the end result goes against the grain of the mainstream view. Vallee makes mention of five very good reasons against the idea that UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature. I will only mention a couple here, however I would suggest checking out the entire paper on your own.

One of the strongest points Vallee makes is that of the alien’s physiology. They generally appear humanoid, meaning they have a head, body, two arms, two legs, and are bilaterally symmetrical. Vallee suggests that the fact something like this would happen under the current understanding of Darwinian evolution should stretch our understanding of biology past the limits.

In other words, given all of the factors that Vallee lays out, it would be next to impossible for something so similar to evolve on a different planet than our own. If we consider this logically, Vallee has a point. How many humanoid creatures exist on our own planet compared against all creatures that don’t possess a humanoid appearance? Again, it comes down to probability and Vallee poses the chances are astronomical at best.

Another point Vallee brings up is that of abduction reports. He shows how a majority of abductees claim to have intrusive medical procedures done on them by aliens while aboard a UFO. These medical procedures are usually incredibly painful, even to the point of leaving physical abrasions the next day. Many times, the abductees memory will be wiped clean, but it has been shown that, through hypnosis, some of these memories can be retrieved.

Vallee puts forth the observation that today, on our planet and in our culture, we have the medical advances available to us to be able to perform the same medical procedures without causing any pain to the person involved. Things like anesthesia can be used to ensure the person does not suffer and will not remember what happened. These procedures can be done without leaving the abrasions and scoop marks abductees have reported. They can even be done with a minimal amount of tools, meaning the person having the procedure done would not have to leave their house.

Given this, Vallee questions why technologically advanced ETs would need to take the individual aboard the UFO, subject them to all sorts of torturous experiences, and leave them with the evidence to show something had actually happened.

If ETs are technologically advanced enough to get here from another planet, why are they lagging so far behind in their medical field? Perhaps it makes more sense that these beings are actually EDs who require no such extensive technology to travel here, are malevolent enough to not care about the well-being of those they abduct, and want to leave just enough evidence behind, enough times with enough people, to plant the idea in the minds of the general public that these things are happening.

Considering these beings as EDs will show their level of technology is above our own, however it seems to be lacking in certain areas that do not benefit them directly. If these beings are strictly malevolent in nature, they would not care to progress their technology to make the abductee comfortable or at ease. They would only progress their technology to suit their own needs, and that seems to be the case with the UFO phenomena.

One other point I will bring up is the nature of the reported UFOs. Many times, UFOs have been reported and even filmed to exhibit some seemingly impossible feats. UFOs sometimes split apart and come back together again, change shape and color as they hover in the sky, and even appear in two places at once.

Remember back to our example of Flatland. What would it look like if a three-dimensional being traversed two-dimensional space? To a Flatlander, it would appear as a line or shape that is changing color, shape, and size. The three-dimensional object would appear and disappear, be in more than one place at one time, and seem to break every law of two-dimensional physics.

Would it be reasonable for Flatlanders to assume that something exhibiting those behaviors is a super-advanced two-dimensional being, or would it make more sense that it is something from the third spatial dimension breaching their two-dimensional space?

Cherubim Chariots by Josh Peck.

Taking all of this into account, we can see how there are ways we can use scientific terminology, observations, and logic to make a strong case for EDs over ETs. Perhaps it’s not that these things were just misunderstood technology in antiquity, as the ancient astronaut theory postulates. Perhaps it is that we are misunderstanding extradimensional manifestations today.

After showing all of this, it’s just a matter of explaining how these manifestations were talked about in the ancient texts of the Bible.

Please feel free to visit with any questions or comments, or to pick up my book, Cherubim Chariots, available in eBook as well.

This article was originally featured on the website of Josh Peck and was republished with permission from the author.


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