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द्वारा स्टीवन bancarz| As some of you know, I used to be a full-time blogger in the New Age movement reaching millions of people each month with my content with one of the largest websites in the world.  I started “spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com” and was an author on “thespiritscience.net”.  I was fully convinced by doctrines such as reincarnation, pantheism, Christ Consciousness, ancient astronaut theory, ascension, and so forth, and saw my website traffic and 5-figure a month income as being evidence that God was blessing my life.  This was my passion, my career, and my life.

After I had an experience in the presence of Jesus, I quickly realized that the entire New Age movement is in error in all its major doctrines.  Everything from slight philosophical error to overt demonic deception was being revealed to me by the Holy Spirit and the word of God, and I quit my job overnight and began working on this website to defend the truth of the Christian worldview and expose the lies I had once believed.

में The Second Coming of The New Age, I and former New-Ager Josh Peck from SkywatchTV guide you through the dark deception of the New Age movement to expose the lies being told and sold to millions of people around the world.  The beliefs and doctrines pushed by people like Oprah, Chopra, and Tolle will be refuted by reason, evidence, and Scripture.  You will learn how to navigate and expose this spiritual deception and discover how it’s influence on Christianity goes far beyond anything talked about before.

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“As someone who was born and raised in the New Age movement, and as a former New Age teacher for over 20 years, I can attest to the destructive reality behind New Age spirituality. In The Second Coming of the New Age, Bancarz and Peck expose this reality, the deception behind it, and issue vital warnings about how the enemy is using the New Age to infiltrate our churches.”

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., former best-selling New Age author and teacher, author of “The Joy of Jesus”

“Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck draw our attention to the fact that, not only is the new age still here and even more entrenched in popular culture, but it’s alive and well in our churches.”

– Dr. Michael Heiser, renowned Bible scholar & scholar-in-residence for Logos Bible Software, best-selling author of “The Unseen Realm”

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