Proiecția Astrală A Prezentat: Demonice "Astral" Tărâmul


De Steven Bancarz| *WARNING* Some of the content in this article contains graphic testimonies of real experiences in the astral realm and may offend some readers.

Astral projection is the act of being conscious while travelling outside of your physical body.  There are not clear boundaries on what kinds of experiences can be classified as astral projections.

Some people say lucid dreaming, false awakenings, and out-of-body experiences all count as forms of astral projection by virtue of the fact that you are conscious outside of your body.  I don’t necessarily agree that all of these are forms of astral projection (especially lucid dreaming), but the general consensus is that astral projection is the experience of being self-aware in a dimension of reality that is not physical.

Sometimes, astral projection is described as being a beautiful calm experience that is magical, fun, and totally safe.  It’s depicted as this floaty wonderful experience that is harmless and just a part of the “awakening” process.  We are totally in control and are free to do whatever we want without worry, and the nature of this realm is benevolent and supportive to our well-being.

Anyone in the New Age who has a lot of experience with astral projection is well aware that it is not all fun and games, and there is always a need for tons of protection against “astral attacks” and “negative astral entities” and demons that can torment, rape, and possess you.

I have had personal experience with every possible state of consciousness that could fall under the category of astral projection, so I write this article not from ignorance but from personal experience.  In this article we are going to explore the dangers of astral projection.  More than that, we are going to explore the evidence of the entire astral realm is a demonic air kingdom.

This may sound crazy at first, but let’s take a look at the evidence.

A demon pulled me out of my body


I want to start by sharing my personal experience with a demon in the astral planes. At this time in my life I was very heavily involved in metaphysical research, mediation, and lucid dreaming.  Every single night for about 2 weeks I was having crazy vivid lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, or false awakenings.

I was reading a book at that time on how to astral project and use it as a tool for psychic empowerment. After reading it, I would always get a weird feeling after like something spiritual was going to happen, but it also came with fear.

One night I had a very lucid dream. When I first became lucid, it seemed no different the dozens and dozens I had before it.  But as the dream progressed, I started to feel like the lucid dream was becoming more real, as if I was crossing over from a lucid dream to a more vivid out-of-body experience.

I remember thinking to myself “Ok, now I can’t even tell if this is a lucid dream or real life anymore”, and after what seemed like a minute later, the car I was driving in started glitching out and jerking around the street.

Then I was pulled out of my car and was hovering over my neighbourhood.  I was about 100 feet above the housetops.  15 feet in front of me appeared a being who had red skin with black markings on his face and was wearing a long red cloak.darth 3

He looked at me and smiled at me in a very sinister way that seemed to say “I got you” in a way that made me feel like he was both mocking me and asserting his authority over me.

A third eye then appeared on his forehead and it opened at me, and I began to be pulled into it.  My consciousness disoriented for a minute and it seemed as though my awareness was being sucked into his third eye.

After this happened, I experienced about 3 seconds of darkness, and when I opened my eyes, I found myself hovering 4 feet in the air over top of my sleeping body in my bedroom.  I frantically began to try to re-enter into my body.

My light body was going in and out of my physical body as feelings of electrical disorientation was happening in my consciousness.  After fighting and trying to pinch myself back into my body for over a minute, I reentered my body but was paralyzed in bed, only to be pulled out a second time.

This experience was terrifying and made me realize how little control I had while I was lucid dreaming, astral projecting, and outside of my physical body.  This (and other demonic lucid dreams and experiences of frightening sleep paralysis that occurred during that period of my life) happened to me while I reinforced protections over myself, was practicing mediation, visualized white light around myself before bed, repeated affirmations of safety and security over myself, and while I lived under a Christian roof.

The demons don’t care.  When you are in their territory, it’s all fair game.  A proof of this is the very common experience of demonic astral rape that happens against people’s wills in the astral planes.

Testimonies of Astral Rape

As New Age teacher Erin Pavlina has admitted, “Sometimes an entity that normally resides on the astral plane can come to you and stimulate you sexually for the purposes of swiping your energy.  Look up incubi and succubi for more info on that. Here’s the thing, though.

These entities can come to you against your will and essentially rape you. If you’ve ever been stuck in a sleep paralysis state and felt someone touching you in your special areas, and got aroused even though you were terrified, you’re basically being astrally raped.”

This is a very, very common experience that people have while astral projecting.  There are a bunch of lies out there that “astral entities” can only have sex with you if you want them to or if you are open to it.  This is not true at all, and we are going to prove that by taking a look at eight different accounts of astral rape and see what they tell us about the nature of this dimension and the beings that inhabit it.

Demons trick people into astral rape by posing as other beings

One woman describes her experience with her “spirit guide” named Aaron who used to make love with her in the astral, and one day the veil was lifted and this apparently lovely spirit guide revealed its true nature:

“So, I called out for Aaron, and I thought it was him. Before whenever I would see Aaron, there was a huge light. This time it was all dark, which should’ve been an indication….but I ignored it at the time.  So it was pleasurable at first. It felt like it started in my base chakra, and whatever was touching me was working its way up.

Sometimes it felt like the energy could be directed wherever I wanted it to go….my throat, up to my forehead. I’m not sure when it happened, but all of the sudden it felt like there was an energy change in the room. Aaron, or whatever had been with me originally was gone, and now I could sense at least 3 or more entities. They were standing by me, looking down and discussing what to do to me.

One of them said, “let’s take her back with us”.  I got a “flash” of what one looked like, and it WAS NOT pleasant at all. He had long stick legs- like as skinny as a broom, and a head of a ram, or something with horns. (kind of like that pan creature) The female entity he was talking to, had a lot of hate she was directing at me. I was kind of feeling uncomfortable at this point, and wanted to leave my body completely to have more control over the situation.  It wasn’t sleep paralysis- it was like my astral body was being held down!!! I could move my arms and legs, but I was being pinned down right in the solar plexus area.

(I’ve experienced sleep paralysis, and this was very different because it wasn’t my physical body being held down) Then all of the sudden, they started running at me from across the room, and darting down on top of me. It’s like they were taking turns “taking energy”….I couldn’t really do anything about it, physically or astrally. I was just kind of stuck. Their talking was getting louder, and now I could hear music. It felt very obscene, and I didn’t feel anything positive or warm coming from them.”

So this spirit guide showed up with a host of demons and they pinned down her astral body and all took turns raping her.  This account alone debunks the objection that “if you are scared or are of a low vibration then you will manifest scary entities in the astral”, because this woman called out to her loving spirit guide:

“Just thinking about him at any point in time now, I will get intense butterflies in my stomach and feel like I am in love”.  So she did not “manifest” this experience out of fear.  She truly believed she had a romantic partnership with her spirit guide, and he turned her over to a host of demons to take turns raping her when she was not in a fearful state prior to the experience.

Demons shapeshift in the astral

A user on a forum gives some graphic descriptions of some of his experiences of being raped by astral demons, and the describes the shapeshifting they were doing to trick him: “I spent about an hour getting sodomized by astral demons. This was a pretty similar scenario. It’s always such a familiar scene.

While I’m being attacked, I reach down and try to grab the thing that’s penetrating me and it’s a circular tube of some kind, but then it shifts and becomes an arm and I follow the arm and reach the hand and the instructions are to bite it, and I don’t want to bite it so I lick it, I can’t help but do something to it’s embarrassing.”

“At some point, I begin to believe I’m back in the real world and it’s still happening. I’m in my actual life and I still feel this giant rod going up my butt, and I’m helpless, so then the instructions are to pray for God to help me. (this happens a lot). So, I’m reciting bible verses I don’t even know and crying and the sodomizing gets harder. This is the demons way of mocking God, I believe.

Finally, I’m given more instructions. “So, you want to get back at us, huh? Well, here’s one of ours” and I saw a blond girl in a white robe smirking at me, and they said sodomize her.  So I grabbed an implement of some kind and pulled her clothes off and turned her over and jammed it into her rear. As I was doing it, she started crying and shape shifted into a little girl, and I was like “What have I done?!” so I put her clothes back on and she ran away.   I was still believing I was in the real world and waiting for the authorities to come and take me away, racked with guilt.. still being sodomized I might add.”

So these demons wanted to make a mockery of God and disguised themselves as a blonde girl to trick him into partaking in sexual acts, only to have it shapeshift into a little girl so he would be overwhelmed with guilt.  This is demonic torment straight from Hell, and it’s all happening in the astral plane.

Demon disguises itself as girlfriend

A forum user named Sargon describes his experience with astral rape by a being who was pretending to be his girlfriend: “Well this morning I took a nap, and this being posing as my girlfriend tried to get freaky with me, I noticed I was dreaming, and remembered that my girlfriend had school now, it felt different, and that it had ‘attached’ itself to my root chakra and I was being leeched! I started spewing demon spawn priest talk, “I cast thee out foul demonic spore of hell”, “Go back to hell you spawn of satan”

In my commanding voice and pulled away, it took all my energy to do that. Then I collapsed on the bed and was paralyzed, thinking great… but it had disappeared. I laid there for a while, and it all faded away. I woke up again in the astral, and the stupid entity was at the doorway, still posing as my girlfriend. I could barely see, my astral vision was blurring but I could see out of the corner of my eye.”

Another person describes “I thought at first the sexual experience a few days ago was an incubus, but now I’m not so sure. The only time I saw a figure was during my dream state when I was sexually touched and it appeared as a friend of mine but I don’t think they are capable of astral with all the drugs they are on so maybe it’s the incubus hiding their true image.”

So from these experiences alone (and there are many more like them), we know that demons in the astral will disguise themselves as spirit guides, girlfriends, and acquaintances in order to trick people into having sex with them.  “Astral sex” is something that is praised and encouraged within the New Age, and only God knows how many people are actually sleeping with demons in disguise thinking they are “spiritual lovers” or “astral playmates”.

People are paralyzed against their will.

A person online reached out for help on forums after having the following two experiences: “I saw myself out of my body looking around my room and then something I could feel but not see had come to me. It was a male and he held me down, I tried to get away but he was very strong and overpowered me. He put his hands on my throat and I had no voice he kept me down and took full advantage of me. He was raping me to the fullest extent and left when he was finished. I woke up crying and continued to do so for quite awhile.”

They describe their other experience: “A few nights ago I wasn’t feeling well and had a headache and decided to sleep it off. I fell asleep but then I looked down at myself from an upward slanted view and saw myself asleep. My arms were numb and my fingers tingling. A presence of some sort grabbed me and performed every act of mistreatment on me possible I tried to scream but I had no voice we fought in my room I tried to get away the door was just out of my reach.  It felt so real, this happened once more about this time last year.”

Another story describes rape and paralysis: “Layed down for a brief nap.. I drifted into the astral or was pulled in rather. I floated up to some shifting faces girl. She or should I say ‘it’ opens it’s mouth really wide and pulled on the side of it. It’s skin stretched like elastic and pulled out at about an arm’s length. then it reached at me and tried to do the same on my skin, which wasn’t as stretchy.

Next thing.. it pulls me close and starts making out with me. I kinda started getting into it, and then something was inserted in my anus.. I know (why does the astral body have an anus?) it started going back and forth gently then every so often RAM! it’s goes in really hard, makes my whole body lunge forward. I’m used to this.

I’ve had this happen 100s of times over the last 2 years.. the difference this time was that I actually got to feel with my hands what was going inside of me (usually I’m paralyzed for this) and thankfully it wasn’t a penis. It was some kind of metallic tubular type thing that had layers of cloth wrapped around it. after I grabbed it and started pulling on it.. I heard a commotion in the room, I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying. Then, I’m a new position and arms are paralyzed, so now I can’t move, and I start trying really hard to move my arms, I can a little, as I struggle I hear a woman laughing, as if she were wrestling with me trying to hold me still.”

It doesn’t matter if you resist or try to fight it, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t want it to happen to you. They have more power than you, will paralyze you, and will do with you what they want against your will.

Demonic possession from astral projection

Another common experience is that of “astral parasites”, where demons attach themselves to your astral body and feed off of your energy.  In an article written by a metaphysicist of 20 years and a certified hypnotist and Reiki healer with much experience in the astral, he attests to the existence of evil astral entities and admits that they have attached themselves to his spirit.  He writes:

“I have had a number of personal experiences with these troublesome creatures. I initially attempted to remove them by taking Epsom salt baths and posting glasses of sea salt around my house. That didn’t work. Next, I attempted to send them on their way by burning sage and using a banishing script. I employed this method several times without success.

These spirits are incredibly stubborn. I began yelling at them. I told them that I am in charge, and that they must vacate the property immediately. One night I was meditating in a dark room, when I suddenly felt a sensation that I would describe as a bug crawling under my left eye. I looked in a mirror and saw that I had a scratch. That was the evil being’s way of expressing their displeasure with my behavior. At this point, I realized that these parasites had no intention of leaving.”

His solution? “Just ignore them. Fear encourages them. Focus on your life.”.  He hasn’t gotten rid of them.  We will talk about the REAL solution to astral horrors later in the article.

Here is another account of astral parasites : “I’ve one experience that convinced me that out of body experiences are real, and I had a trippy interesting experience last night which has got me fascinated with the idea of astral projection. Anyhow, if this stuff is real then I have the impression that I have parasites latched onto me. I’ve been getting sleep paralysis for years, and I always feel things clinging onto me from behind, and feel the sensation of needles or something being injected into my spine, its not very painful but it feels like whatevers going on there on my back is not good.

I always thought it was just hallucinations, but I have had a confirmed OBE years ago which made me open minded to paranormal things. If these are astral parasites, then how do I get rid of the things? I’ve had a problem with lethargy for years now, it would be very cool if I suddenly cured myself of that by getting rid of some kinda astral parasites attached to me. I’ve tried reaching behind me and grabbing things while I’m in sleep paralysis, it always feels like I’m grabbing some kinda small (about 3ft tall) bony creatures. I’ve tried strangling them, breaking their bones, biting them, I even gave one of them the nuggies, but they don’t react at all.”

While you are outside of your body, your consciousness and your defense systems are no longer present in your physical body to protect it from being inhabited by a demon.

Through occult associations you give them legal right into your world. And when you get back in your body, all of a sudden you feel some being attached to your back or some presence in your body somewhere.

Demonic possession is not what people think.  It doesn’t make you go insane, speak in demonic voices, or eat spiders.  The demon gets woven into your flesh and its eyes become your eyes, and it’s only detectable by you as the presence of something evil or “off” inside you.  Here is an example of someone experiencing demonic inhabitation after astral projecting:

"I left my body during astral travel, when I came back, I was not alone…Never been right since then. A guru told me an astral parasite entered my aura. I’ve tried banishing and purifications, but I think it is still with me.”

Notice how he didn’t say anything about him having a terrible astral projection in some dark underworld.  He simply astral projected, came back, and was “not alone” in his physical body.  It’s no secret that the astral realm is a demonic tool for the kingdom of Satan, which is why it is utilized so often by Satanists.

Astral Projection in Satanism

Astral projection is an essential practice of any Satanic magician, including Aleister Crowley. Crowley was a famous occultist and satanist from the 1900s.  He referred to himself as “The Beast 666” and once said ““I was not content to just believe in Satan, I wanted to be his chief of staff”.

In Chapter 13 of his Magick in Theory and Practice, Crowley describes the beginning stages of astral projection: “The first thing to do… is to get the body outside your own. To avoid muddling the two, you begin by imagining a shape resembling yourself standing in front of you… Try to imagine how your own body would look if you were standing in its place; try to transfer your consciousness to the Body of Light. Your own body has its eyes shut. Use the eyes of the Body of Light to describe the objects in the room behind you.”

From Crowley’s book Magick Without Tears (Ch. 81):

“One passes through the veil of the exterior world (which, as in Yoga, but in another sense, becomes “unreal” by comparison as one passes beyond) one creates a subtle body (instrument is a better term) called the body of Light; this one develops and controls; it gains new powers as one progresses, usually by means of what is called “initiation:” finally, one carries on almost one’s whole life in this Body of Light, and achieves in its own way the mastery of the Universe.”

In the spiritual organization Crowley started called AA, mastering the Astral Plan was one of the requirements for graduating.  Astral projection was taught and encouraged by him as something absolutely essential to the ascension process.  You can even go there and create your own Satanic temples for magical purposes.

Creating Satanic Astral Temples

As a Satanist describes in an article on Satanic astral temples, “A satanic astral temple is a place where you can follow magick rituals in any form you want, even when physical conditions are not ritual friendly.

There is a main hall with with a huge Baphomet figure on the altar and  glowing pentagram on the floor, black and red candles around and pillars. It’s a place where I summon demons, do celebration rituals for Satan and shape energy as I want. Pentagram is some sort of universal portal to demonic dimensions.

If I need a tool I can materialize it in my hands or before me. In a different room I can make potions and more witchy stuff so it’s a place full of odd things that I use as ingredients. In another area I can do healing techniques both on me or on astral body of others. An astral temple can be used as an alternative method of summoning demons. If you are not doing well with standard rituals and you have no results, research demon, imagine him/her in your astral temple.”

You can even learn to astral project from the Joy of Satan Ministries website, and there are also instructions on this site to create your very astral temple to perform Satanic rituals and meet with demons.

Aren’t there good astral planes?

So it’s clear that tons of demonic activity goes on in the astral planes.  Nobody can argue this, and this is pretty self-evident.

Some people may say “Well that’s just because they were in the LOWER astral realms, perhaps because of their fear. There are a whole bunch of different astral realms and they just had bad experiences in the lower realms”.

It is said that most experiences can be pleasant and that all bad experiences are a result of the person doing something wrong, not an indicator that the entire realm or practice is spiritually dangerous.

This is false because the girl who got raped by her spirit guide was expecting nothing but pure love like she had experienced previously and did not say anything about being in a different plane when the demons raped her.

Ad hoc logical fallacy

The idea that demonic activity only happens on some lower astral plane is a textbook ad hoc fallacy.  An ad hoc explanation is an explanation that is adopted purely for the purpose of trying to save a theory, without there being any independent reason or rational motivation for it being adopted.

If someone gets raped by a demon in the astral, we can save the illusion that the astral planes is a beautiful realm of peace by postulating an infinite number of astral realms and lump all of the demonic activity into the lower realms.  But this is just intellectually dishonest when we look at testimonies.

Not a single story ever of astral attacks, astral parasites, or astral rape ever mentions the person being in a different astral plane.  Nobody ever says after they have a bad experience “I found myself in a different astral plane than the one I usually travel in”.

For those who experience anything in the astral on a regular basis, it is very clear that nobody ever finds themselves in a different astral plane depending on whether the experiences are good, neutral, or demonic.  And nobody who astral projects looks around them one day and realizes they are in a totally different astral plane.

As we have read from the accounts of astral rape and astral parasites, they all took place in the general astral plane and not a single person reported their bad experiences happening in a different realm than the non-bad experiences. It was the same plane they were used to experiencing.  This means that demons inhabit the astral realm regardless of whether or not they reveal themselves to you.

Jesus Christ stops demonic astral attacks

I have recently come across a very interesting website that contains over 100 testimonies of people who have been able to stop night terrors, astral attacks, alien abductions, and sleep paralysis immediately through nothing more than calling out for Jesus.  A former UFOlogist discovered that UFO research organizations were covering up testimonies of abductions and spiritual attacks being stopped when they used the name of Jesus, and he created a whole website exposing the hidden agenda of these beings.  But I digress.  That will be for another article.

If you are ever in a position where you are in a scary situation in the spirit, these testimonies are proof that these beings fear and are under the authority of the name of Jesus Christ.  If these beings were just “negative trickster entities”, “thought forms”, or “astral aliens”, why would they at all be subject to people saying His name?  This tells us a lot about both the nature of these beings in the spirit realm and the nature of Jesus Christ.  Here is one testimony of a woman named Lisa:

“The first time this happened was last year, in April. Whatever it was, picked me up by my hair and when I yelled Jesus Christ I was released. On the next occasion was right after that, and I was literally being lifted up out of the bed “spiritually”, I could see my daughter from above, and I said the name again, and it dropped me. (whatever it is).

The next incident, and this is going to sound very crazy, a “wolf” was pacing around my bed. It reminded me of the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. My two little boys were stolen through the court system here in the US and the wolf was in direct correlation to them. The one thing about this one was that I remember was sweating and in a panic, as if I was having heart failure. It was very real, just as the other experiences. I experienced in February of this year, a long alien like finger that was stroking my face and tried to drag me out my bedroom door. Once again, i said the name and it let me go. When I say drag, it was a spiritually leaving of my body, not physical, however, its swift moving.”

This woman was getting lifted off of her bed in the astral realm and dragged down through her door in the astral realm.  Both experiences stopped immediately when she called out to Jesus, which means these beings are scared of, subject to, and inferior to Jesus.  If you are ever under a demonic attack in the astral, simply call out the name of Jesus and you will be saved by the attack.

Even astral demons know Jesus is Lord. The name of Jesus is poison to them.

We are being deceived

The evidence is clearly present that the astral realm is not a realm of sunshine and gumdrops.  Nor is it a magical realm where you can sail endlessly through the universe experiencing endlessly mystery and wonder.

It is a realm inhabited by demons and demons disguised as beings of light who seek to confuse, deceive, and destroy and get you comfortable with the false ideas about the astral realm.  Yet for some reason, they fear the name of Jesus.

Even the Apostle Paul knew that the astral realm was the wrong neck of the woods to be in, which is why he called Satan the ruler of the Kingdom of the air (Ephesians 2:2) and why he says that we fight not against flesh but against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:12).

Demons do their work from the spirit realm.  Just because it is possible to project your consciousness outside of your body doesn’t mean it’s safe or wise to do so.  For all we know, astral projections may exclusively be travels through a demonic air kingdom that dark forces oversee and operate from.  It seems to be consistent with the evidence we have.  Even supposedly benevolent beings that exist in the astral planes such as the Ascended Masters are demons in disguise, as established by a previous article you can view here.

“You are a god” says a demon in our ear

Demons want you to astral project so that they can make you think you are your own god and can instill false doctrines of ascension into you to make you think you can become like the gods by knowing secret knowledge and performing occultic practices.  This is the same lie that Satan fed to Eve in the garden It’s the same deceptive false promises that led to the fall of man, and it’s even tied in with absurd theories about the afterlife to further pervert a person’s idea of spirituality.

Some people have been led to believe that when you die you get to just float around in the astral until you decide to reincarnate again.  And some believe that you experience a good or bad astral realm temporarily depending on whether you were a “good” or “bad” person, and that the bad astral experience only lasts until you forgive yourself.

These theories not only contradict every other false New Age accounts of the afterlife that everyone likes to believe (such as there being a neutral spirit world we all return to or that our consciousness gets recycled as a part of the energy of the universe), but it also contradicts every NDE account of Heaven and Hell that have ever been recorded and the belief of ever single ancient culture and religion in the history of the world.

The astral plane serves as leverage for the demonic beings that inhabit it to infuse you with a false sense of god-hood and spiritual power, and provide you with a false sense of security that you can live however you want and you will just get to float around on an astral vacation after you die.

If your astral projection experiences make you think you are a god, that the astral realm is a benevolent floaty realm, or that you won’t have to be morally accountable in the afterlife, then you are being groomed by the same demons that rape and torment people in the astral plane.  The demon that tricked me into these things is the same demon that I saw with my own eyes who pulled me out of my body.

Astral demons know Jesus is Lord

And we can test this guys. The next time you find yourself in the astral realm (whether voluntarily or involuntarily), assume for the sake of experiment that this article is true and that you are in the devil’s playground. Tell the first astral being you see “I rebuke you in Jesus name. In the name of Jesus I command you to leave me alone” and that being will either transform before your eyes or run for the hills like the 100 testimonies revealed.

For the people of these testimonies, the veil of delusion has been lifted from their eyes and they see the astral realm and the beings that inhabit it for what they truly are:

Deceptive demons who are subject to the name of Jesus Christ.

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