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The Death Of “Spirit Science & Metaphysics”

By Steven Bancarz|  So here we are. Almost four years after the creation of the "Spirit Science and Metaphysics" Facebook page, and almost three...

18 Passages From Mark That Prove Jesus Is God

By Erik Manning| Biblical critics like Bart Ehrman say that the deity of Christ was a later invention that developed near the end of...

Jesus Vs Quetzacoatl – Debunking The Alleged Parallels

J. P. Holding|  Of all of our "pagan copycat Christ" papers so far, this one has got to be, and probably always will be,...

‘New Atheism’ Is A Joke Among Academics & Scholars

By James Bishop| This movement, while attractive to the layman skeptic, is a weak attempt of scholarship in the eyes of professionals in relevant fields....

Evidence For Resurrection Turns Josh McDowell From Skeptic To Christian Apologist

By James Bishop| Josh McDowell, a former skeptic of Christianity, is a well-known Christian apologist, evangelist, and writer. He is also a dedicated author...

Profesor De Drept La Harvard Converteste La Creștinism După Ce A Încercat Să Infirme Învierea Lui Isus

Simon Greenleaf (1783-1853) was the acclaimed Royall Professor of Law at Harvard University. He was one of the most celebrated legal minds in American...

Cum Știința Și Moralitatea Condus Biolog, Și Fostul Ateu, Wayne Rossiter La Creștinism

De James Episcop| Dr. Wayne Rossiter este profesor asistent de Biologie la Philipsburg Universitate. De asemenea, el are un Doctorat în ecologie și evoluție de la Universitatea Rutgers...

Atheist Professor Witnesses Man Raised From The Dead

By James Bishop| The following is a remarkable and well documented testimony (1) from a report chronicled in the peer-reviewed Journal of Anthropological Research in...

How Evidence For The Resurrection Led Dr. Qureshi From Islam Apologist To Christian Apologist

By James Bishop| Nabeel Qureshi is a Pakistani American Christian apologist and well-known convert from Islam. He has penned three books Seeking Allah, Finding...
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