From New Age Blogger To Christian Ministry – How Jesus Revealed Himself To Me


By Steven Bancarz| As some of you know, I haven’t been a Christian for all that long.  Though I was raised in a Christian household, I departed from the faith in high school when I started to come across material that didn’t suit the worldview I had been raised with.

In fact less than two years ago I was running a site called “Spirit Science & Metaphysics” which was getting about 150,000 to 200,000 views a day (one of the largest New Age sites in the world at the time), and was also a guest author for the “Spirit Science” website.  I was fully convinced of my New Age worldview, and believed I had the evidence and spiritual experiences to back it up.

I believed that God was the universe, and that our soul is here simply to learn lessons before returning back to a neutral spirit world to prepare for its next incarnation.  I believed we were visited in the past by ancient aliens who we mistook as being “gods”, and that through personal development, self-awareness, and reaching higher states of consciousness we could awaken to our true identity; God.

The only thing that could have possible changed my mind on these things is a direct encounter from Jesus.  Christians often talked about having a “relationship” with Jesus, but to me I saw this as being an intellectual relationship to an idea or a concept.  Jesus, to me at the time, was someone teaching us how to access God by raising our consciousness and realizing our inner god-nature.

And on top of this, I was a sinner of sinners.  My whole life was a double life revolving around sin.  In pain and sickness over the pain and destruction I had caused other people and myself, I feel on my face and cried to Jesus hoping to be forgiven.  His presence consumed me, everything around me changed, and even nature itself seemed to revere and respond to Him in that moment.

I gave my heart to the Lord, quit my job, sold out of my old life, and have since then started this website and ministry in hopes of reaching people for Jesus with the Gospel.  I recently filmed my testimony with the 700 Club of CBN outlining what led to this radical shift in faith and direction. I hope this blesses you!


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