From New Age Blogger To Christian Blogger – Testimony (700 Club)


By Steven Bancarz| As some of you know, I haven’t been a Christian for all that long.  Though I was raised in a Christian household, I departed from the faith in high school when I started to come across material that didn’t suit the worldview I had been raised with.

In fact less than two years ago I was running a site called “Spirit Science & Metaphysics”, and was also a guest author for the “Spirit Science” website.  I was fully convinced of my New Age worldview, and believed I had the evidence and spiritual experiences to back it up.

I believed that God was the universe, and that our soul is here simply to learn lessons before returning back to a neutral spirit world to prepare for its next incarnation.  I believed we were visited in the past by ancient aliens who we mistook as being “gods”, and that through personal development, self-awareness, and reaching higher states of consciousness we could awaken to our true identity; God.

After encountering the presence of Jesus in the fall of 2015, I gave my heart to the Lord and have since then started this website and ministry in hopes of reaching people for Jesus with the Gospel.  I recently filmed my testimony with the 700 Club of CBN outlining what led to this radical shift in faith and direction. I hope this blesses you!


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