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Friday, March 15, 2019

Was Jesus A Buddhist Monk? BBC Documentary Debunked

By Gerald Readore| Here is a link is to an article from a website titled “Enlightened-Consciousness.com” and...

Entire New Age Jewish Family Gets Radically Saved By Jesus

By Steven Bancarz| I recently sat down with a Jewish man named Jeff Morgan. He is an...

La croyance en Dieu est-elle irrationnelle? Analogie théière de Bertrand Russell déboulonnée

By James Bishop| Bertrand Russell was an excellent philosopher and I would definitely goes as far as to say that I, and many others,...

From New Age Blogger To Christian Ministry – How Jesus Revealed Himself To Me

By Steven Bancarz| As some of you know, I am new Christian who has been saved for just over 2 years.  Though I was...

Comment les échecs de l'athéisme ont conduit Professeur influent, le Dr Sarah Irving-Stonebraker, à Christ

By James Bishop| Sarah Irving-Stonebraker is a Senior Lecturer (with tenure) in Modern European History at Western Sydney University in Australia (1). Stonebraker’s first book, Natural...

La preuve de la résurrection conduit l'athée conférencier et écrivain à Christ

Philip Vander Elst, a former atheist, is a freelance writer and lecturer. He graduated from Oxford in 1973 with a degree in politics and...

Comment la haine et l'arrogance athée conduit Richard Dawkins fan de christianisme

By James Bishop| Richard Morgan was born in a tiny village in North Wales. He went to college in Nottingham, and lived and taught,...

Le chef communiste et meurtrier de masse redevient chrétien

By James Bishop| Comrade Duch (pronounced “Doik”), whose real name is Kaing Guek Eav, is the only Khmer Rouge leader to have admitted his...
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