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Jesus Vs Osiris: Debunking The Alleged Parallels

By J.P Holding| Of all the pagan copycat candidates, Osiris is one of the most popular correlations offered.  Egypt after all is not far...

Jesus Vs Quetzacoatl – Debunking The Alleged Parallels

J. P. Holding|  Of all of our "pagan copycat Christ" papers so far, this one has got to be, and probably always will be,...

Jesus vs Zoroastro – desacreditar los supuestos paralelismos

By J.P. Holding| It is said by some critics that: Zoroaster was born of a virgin and "immaculate conception by a ray of divine...

El mal, el sufrimiento y la evidencia de Dios

By Mikel Del Rosario| On November 13, 2015, coordinated terrorist attacks rocked Paris, France: A shooting rampage, explosions, and a mass hostage-taking that left over 100 people...

De "hardcore ateo" a Christian apologista, Dr. Robert Muncaster

By James Bishop| *Views expressed in the testimony provided are expressive of the individual’s own beliefs and reasoning, and are not necessarily held by...

"el converso más reacio en toda Inglaterra": ¿por qué el ex ateo c.s. Lewis se convirtió en. ..?

De James Bishop | Lewis es quizás uno de los más conocidos convertidos del vigésimo siglo. Hay mucho más sobre él que ...

"desacreditar cristianismo" escritor se convierte en cristiano debido a la evidencia

De James Bishop | Este es el testimonio del ex ateo Darrin rasberry. Solía escribir para el blog de John Loftus ' desacreditando el cristianismo, y ...

El profesor ateo se convierte en cristiano después de ver a Jesús durante nde

By James Bishop| Now retired, though still currently a pastor, Howard Storm was the former Professor and chairman of the Art Department at the...

Evidence For Resurrection Leads Atheist Lecturer & Writer To Christ

Philip Vander Elst, a former atheist, is a freelance writer and lecturer. He graduated from Oxford in 1973 with a degree in politics and...
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