Deepak Chopra Debates Christian Apologist, Loses Miserably


By Steven Bancarz| The most prominent teacher of mysticism and New Age philosophy in the West Deepak Chopra goes toe to toe with Christian apologist Greg Koukl on Lee Strobel’s show “Faith under Fire”. This episode called “The Future of Faith” aired in 2005.

Chopra, who has written two books on the topic of Jesus, seems to be at loss for words as the well-researched Koukl keeps correcting him on his false view of Jesus and the historicity of the Gospels. Chopra’s Eastern/secular interpretation of Jesus does not seem to check out when his claims are pressed by someone who defends the faith for a living.

Mr. Chopra has continued to repeat the same viewpoints he had corrected in this debate, 10 years after the debate has finished.  In otherwords he has made absolutely no adjustment to his views after this debate.  In fact both of his blasphemous and historically inaccurate books “Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment” and “The Third Jesus” (both of which were NY Times Bestsellers) were written after this debate took place.

Some of the objections that get addressed in this video are the dates of the gospels, the reliability of scripture, pantheism, mysticism, and others. While New Age concepts of Jesus might fly well on news stations, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, and talk shows, they hold absolutely no water when carefully examined by someone who is properly trained in the faith.

Koukl, who holds a Masters in Christian Apologetics and a Masters in Philosophy of Religion, is simply more learned on the person of Jesus and the history of Christianity.

Hope you enjoy the debate:

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