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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Does the Bible Approve of Abortion?

By Clark Bates| This week’s post is another response to “meme theology”, or in this case it...

Historians All Agree Jesus Christ Is A Historical Figure

By James Bishop| Having studied both Theology and Religious Studies at undergraduate and post-graduate levels there is...

Ist der Glaube an Gott irrational? Bertrand Russell es Teekanne Analogie entlarvt

By James Bishop| Bertrand Russell was an excellent philosopher and I would definitely goes as far as to say that I, and many others,...

Evidence For Resurrection Leads Distinguished Philosopher & Atheist John Montgomery To Faith

By James Bishop| John Montgomery, 85, is the Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University, Wisconsin, and continues to work as a barrister...

Former Muslim Gets Healed By Jesus Then Plants 50 Churches

By James Bishop| Sanray (not his real name), raised a devout Muslim and who is also a doctor, has embraced Christianity after he was...

"Debunking Christentum" Schriftsteller wird Christus wegen der Beweise

By James Bishop| This is the testimony of former atheist Darrin Rasberry. He used to write for John Loftus’ blog site Debunking Christianity, and...

Respected Science Professor Dr. James Tour Converts To Christianity After Seeing Jesus

By James Bishop| James Tour is a well-known and respected intellectual and scientist, a synthetic organic chemist to be more specific (he obtained his...

Beliebte Atheist Blogger, Leah libresco, wandelt in Christentum

Von James Bishop | Leah libresco ist ein Autor und School Systems Analyst based in Washington d.c. Sie ist auch Schriftsteller für die Huffington ...
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