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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Not My Jesus: A List Of Christological Heresies

By Dr. John Ferrer| Jesus of Nazareth is the most disputed character in all of history. Most of the world’s religions incorporate him into their...

Roman Historian Suetonius Mentions Jesus Christ

By J.P. Holding| We now move to the references to Jesus in secular sources that have little value - beginning with the testimony of...

Is Jesus The Only Way To Heaven?

By Brian Chilton| A good friend of mine recently discussed a problem that he had. According to my friend, a certain Christian group had...

Is Belief In God Unscientific?

By Blake Giunta| Atheists often complain that the God hypothesis is unscientific, and that this is a problem for the God hypothesis. The objection...

Former Bible-Burning Atheist, Peter Hitchens, Finds Jesus

By James Bishop| Peter Hitchens is a former atheist turned Christian theist, and is a well-known journalist and author from England. He writes for...

Evidence For Jesus’ Resurrection Leads Former Atheist Doctor, Greg Viehman, To Christ

By James Bishop| Greg Viehman is a graduate magna cum laude from the University of Delaware. He attended medical school at Jefferson Medical College...

From New Age Blogger To Christian: When I Encountered Jesus

By Steven Bancarz| As some readers may know, I used to be a New Age blogger with a website called "Spirit Science and Metaphysics."...

How Abortion Led an Atheist Feminist Professor, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, to Christianity.

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (1941 – 2007) was most recognized as a feminist American historian, and had received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1974 and....

Evidence for God Leads Former Atheist Marilyn Adamson to Christianity

By James Bishop| Marilyn Adamson is a former atheist currently working with Campus Crusade for Christ. She directs print media campaigns aimed at college students....